Stop smoking, start living

We all know that smoking is bad for you. Not to mention what it does to those around you. However, smoking also ages your skin.

You can generally pick smokers out just by looking at them. Dr. Douglas Model (a British physician) did a study that coined the term “Smoker’s Face” in which he was able to distinguish the smokers (for at least 10 years) from the non-smokers. They are identifiable by the pursed lips, wrinkles and grayish complexion.On average, it takes about 5 months for one to move down from High to Zero nicotine intake.

An amazing products, a real life savers, I use and recommend are the original ePuffer EAZE MAGNUM Electronic Cigarette and COHITA disposable Electronic Cigar (appeared on “The Doctors” count down for the Top 10 Health Trends. The Doctors shared a positive opinion of the product, suggesting that it was a much healthier alternative for current smokers).I have tested Magnum REV-2 and can say that this is the best electronic cigarette money can buy today

You can choose from Tobacco flavors: Premium Tobacco, 5X5, Belgo, Virginia, Mirabella, Cohita – Cuban Cigar or Sweet/fruity flavors: Cherry, Coffee, Mint, Vanilla, Apple, Strawberry, Chocolate, Valerian. (September Sale 40% Off!)

My favorite flavor -Virginia- and Yours?  Have you ever tried e-cigarette?Please feel free to share your experience below!


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